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I really really wish that I had bought my Imperial Guard minis before my Sisters of Battle ones. The IG minis are filler pieces. I spent about 30 minutes per piece on them. They look quite good. The Sisters are my main force. I've got 27 of the sisters (+/-) and I'm really happy with maybe 7 of those. That doesn't include my Cannoness. (The happy, not the possession.) Of those seven, five were painted recently. (I spend an hour or two per piece minimum on the sisters. Not counting the touch up time that gets spent on any of the figures a couple of days later when I can see the mistakes.) That's maybe a little harsh. I might be happy with as many as 11, but probably not.
I am pretty happy with my other HQ piece, an Inquisitor. I've also got a set of offbrand space marine figures for friendly games that aren't too bad, but they make the amount of time I spend on IG models seem extravigant. (They are standins for Grey Knights and a Deathwatch Kill Team.)


Is pretty much why I don't dance. Except I'm not half as coordinated as Angel or Wesley and instead of bounding across the dance floor, I tend to fall down. Not that I have any particular problem about making a fool of myself, but, and this is important, in the venues I prefer, harming yourself and or others is generally frowned upon.

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