Action Points mark meh
*edit* Yeah, I misread the section on action points. They refresh after the extended rest not the brief rest. Nevermind *end edit*
There are some systems in D&D 4th edition that make little or no sense to me. Action points spring to the forefront.
Until you hit Paragon level, there isn't a reason to ever aim for a milestone to get extra action points, and not all of the paragon classes have abilities that make hording action points worth while.
Essentially, if you take a five minute break after an encounter, you lose all of your action points and regain your base action point. If you don't take that break, then after every second encounter, you gain a new action point. But, except in a very few cases you can only spend a single action point per encounter. It is unclear if the abilities that grant an action point for immediate use break the one action point per encounter rule or not.

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