I keep seeing claims that there are no conservative commenters on boingboing. Usually by someone who was just disemvowelled. Seriously? There's not a lot of neo-con/RR commenters on BoingBoing. But believe it or not, the neo-cons and their masters/lapdogs in the RR (depending on the political era) are not the sole source of conservative word dumps in America. You've got classical conservatives (probably the least vile of the bunch. I've got a few friends who are classical conservatives, and while they do hold some silly and wrongheaded, often destructive beliefs, they don't do so out of spite. They do so because they are silly and wrongheaded) who are still members of the Republican Party. You also have libertarians. I don't know what the word means over in Europe, but in the US of A, Libertarian is a sub or superset of Randian Objectivist, meaning they are conservatives. Their political positions are fairly shallow and immature, the sort of thing that, along with Marxism and most branches of Anarchism, work really well on paper and lead to way more misery than good when actually applied to the real world. (The difference between this and a neo-con? Um... oh right, the libertarians aren't joined at the hip to the RR, the libertarians don't go for bigger govt spending and massive increases in the federal bureaucracy, and the libertarians don't have to worry about the feasibility of their ideas because they aren't anywhere near being able to get a coalition behind their position, or even a Roveian 50+1.

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