Hum, a brief on my recent life since I'm not posting much.

Bike broke. Not fixable for less than price of bike.
Got job.
Bought sunglasses.
Looked in mirror.
Should see optometrist. Probably need real glasses. Would look good in real glasses.
Orange sun glasses very cool.
Looking for better apartment/house.
Looking for better job. Should focus on job finding. Has job, not so good really.
Gave broken bike to people who fix bikes to fund a public access bike garage.
Bought new bike from same people.
Way better than old bike
Have some money left for customization.
Bought minis.
Nothing spectacular.
Games Workshop changed how they package bits again. New system sucks.
Did I mention I like the way I look in glasses?
And in Chinese peasant's hat?
New bike much faster than old bike.
Job still sucks.
Lots of hours, specific ones change from week to week. That is not a lovely thing.
Bought fish.
Fish okay.
Bought flightless (but not wingless) fruit flies for fish.
Flies marginally too large for fish to eat.
Not so good.
Need to feed fish so they can eat flies.
Will culture new flies.
Chain Golem looks like giant worm creature.
Republic continues to stagger down path. Not sure if it will make it to the end in one piece. Who knows?
Orange lenses make contrast much better than naked eyes. Can see much better even in fairly low light.
Failed to buy 99 cent copy of super mario world in time. Alas. At least I have beaten the game all the way through a few times.
Bought Disegia 2
Playing World of Warcraft.
Making large sums of gold for small efforts.
Undid most of good through accidental bid on expensive item. Hopefully I can resell it.
Still have about half of gold, plus I might not win item, plus I have many auctions I expect to sell and give new gold.
Can not find Mug O'Hurt.
Mug O'Hurt is part of current desired paladin costume. Eventually though, will have Carmen Sandiego costume.
D&D 4.0 Inspires many internet wank fests.
Loud claim that this ability or that ability is broken.
Mostly is stupid.
Though the laser paladin is pretty sweet.
I gripe about silly rules issue.
It turns out that I just can't read my native tongue.
This works quite well with my inability to speak it.
Have small plastic horsies for D&D.
I maybe killed some new trees.
I forgot to water them for too many hours.
Their roots were damaged in the acquisition, so we will see.
Orange glasses, very cool.
Buffy season 8 still good.
Still on track to lead up to Fray or Frey or whatever. Not so much with loving that.
Don't know if Fray is good or bad. Just dislike the situation that lead to it.
No mater what Tolkien said, we should not have to give up much of what is beautiful to defeat that which is evil.
The world doesn't really work that way.
Um there is a thing that I predicted.
I did not tell anyone.
I will not tell anyone what it is.
Except if they have read at least to the end of Wolves at the Gate.
Otherwise spoiler!
Buffyverse still doesn't seem to have bisexuals.
Dawn's parts in the comic have quit nodding to real physics.
Read two different books that were honoring Heinlein.
Names are great.
One of them riffed on Friday.
Awesome joke about the ridiculous sproing.
The other one became a series of books.
I read the last one first without realizing it was part of a series.
SRSLY PUBLISHERS: Label these things.
New Myth book fairly good except all of the things that weren't.
Final analysis of the contest was stupid and wrong.
Skeeve did not behave poorly.
He may not have taken the absolute best route to his goal, but everything he did was justified.
His attempt to (deleted) should not have been out of bounds. Since the target of said action was a direct threat to the continued survival of his client, drying to (deleted) is the least that he should have done.
Also, the fact that he didn't set up a long term solution while trying to both keep his client alive and win the contest, that shouldn't count against him.
It is called triage.
He could have dealt with the longer term problems after making sure his client was immediately safe.
Any other action would have unnecessarily endangered his client.
Also, his so called friends treated him really unfairly.
Especially since with one exception, he had been in contact with them during his hiatus.
The resentment in the book was badly misplaced. Only three characters would have been even marginally justified, and two of those (Pookie and Spyder) weren't resentful.
2:40. Good night.

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