Fey Step Again


Okay, I'm not sure that there is anyone who reads this blog except possibly Pope Guilty, Eva and Alan who are up to date on the system enough to have an opinion on this, but RE: 4th edition? Fey Step is not broken. It does not make the ELadrin a world destroying race, and If containment system and home defense design are influenced by it, it is no more than any of a hundred different creatures or powers in 3.5. Oh noes, my castle that had to be built to resist incorporeal creatures and designed to ward off flying creatures has to have a 26 foot tall wall!
Jails have to have isolation or dark rooms to contain them! I mean it isn't like you had to go to special lengths to confine classes in 3.5 at all. A soreceror never had Knock.

THe biggest problem with Fey Step? A bunch of tired old traps have to be revamped or retired. But then traps and challenges in 4.0 are supposed to be active and dynamic things instead of the passive traps that infested previous editions.

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