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So, 4:20, about an hour-hour and a half after I got a grip on my insomnia and fell asleep.
The sound of water drumming on hollow surfaces.
My tank sprung a new leak. On the same seam that blew out when I first filled the tank.
I can not afford this crap.
A week ago, I could have easily transferred back to the 10 gallon tank I started with.
I had my pleco and the beta, and while the tank was too small for the pleco, it would have been okay.
Now I've got two different mobile fish schools, the corys and the gourami, as well as the beta and the pleco. I have to buy a new tank and I just don't have the cash. Well, I do have the cash, but I'm moving in less than half a month and I'm already sweating about the cost of a move and a new apartment. I mean seriously, I got my job just barely in time to manage the move. I did not need the expense of a new tank just now. Especially since I haven't heard back from any ofthe more promising alternate jobs I've applied for.

It could have been worse. It could have happened either 12 hours earlier or later, in which case, approximately 20 gallons of water would have exited the tank into my bedroom. Also, all of my fish are facilitative air breathers. Also, petshop opens at 9:00 am. I'm scheduled to go to work at... 9:AM. This was just Lord Murphy offering a shot across the bow, not a full fledged attack, but still. Ugh.

I probably will repair this tank again, after the move. Then I'll set it up outside and let it have a week to prove itself sound before considering moving it back in the house.

Hee, I had just put the old tank into storage. I guess I should go get it out again.

Now I just have to work out what expenses to shove aside to get the money for a 20 or 30 gallon tank to hold my extended set of fishes.

Final disposition of my fish: the betta, the pleco, and the corys are all in the 30 gallon tank with only the bottom quarter actually filled. There is no good place to put the pleco since it jumps when it gets agitated.
The rest of my Gourami (bettas are actually in the gourami family.) are in the 10 gallon tank with the filter running. I may transfer the Pleco to that tank if I can work out a reasonable method of keeping it in there. It is a very large fish and will produce a proportionately large amount of fish poop. My largest worry is that the seam will spring another leak, but with the lower water level, there is a proportionately lower pressure on the seams of the tank. Ah, I think I've worked out a method of keeping the pleco in the tank... I go now.

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adrienne said...

check out/join your local freecycle group: freecycle.org

and ask if anyone has a fishtank to get rid of. You might be surprised at the offers.