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11:57 PM me so, you should have mom read this and then discuss the issue with you...
this is here ladies and gentlemen...
11:58 PM I weep for the republic
12:02 AM My Brother: agh, stupid dial-up
12:04 AM me: heh
buy yeah, you should really do that
My Brother: just did
12:05 AM me: jeez
My Brother: yeah
we're in the process
me: quick disclaimer, I didn't actually read the article
12:06 AM My Brother: yeah you did, you just didn't know it
the rest of the article says exactly what you got from the title, it's just a tad more surreal
me: oh the url says it all?
My Brother: yeah
" How do you talk to kids about Britney's sister?"
that really sums it up
12:07 AM me: I will get back to you when I'm done trying not to wake matt up with my laughter
12:09 AM My Brother: good luck, you'll need it
though I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, really
CNN? Really?
12:10 AM me: cnn
My Brother: America's most respectable network is covering the difficulties of talking to your children about the Spears' family lives
me: oh you can do both but the laughter needs to be bitter
their website is
My Brother: and giving tips
12:12 AM me: our national infrastructure's upkeep is done by people who would mostly feel that they benefited from this information, assuming that they ran across it and read it
12:16 AM "This is one of those things that should just not happen. These days, by the age of 16, kids probably know more about sex than their grandparents. ... "
12:17 AM what?
My Brother: lol
12:18 AM me: The average 16 year old's grandparents quite likely grew up in the America that the Kinsey study is about
12:19 AM My Brother: lol
12:21 AM me: mom grew up in an era when mainstreet movie theaters ran x rated films
12:22 AM My Brother: yeah, they might've gotten that bit wrong
me: but apparently somewhere between generation x and generation y, sex outside of marriage was invented
My Brother: indeed

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