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so today was mostly good bits. not really great bits, but pretty good. Except the fucking hash browns.
I got up this morning and said to myself "Hey self, you want hash browns, specifically little round cakes of fried potato pieces. Go to the store and buy some of them so that you don't go to burger king and buy breakfast there."
Trip to the store was good. I bought several things I needed, and a couple of things that would have been nice a while ago. And the store brand seasoned potato rounds.
All of them were seasoned potato (insert shape) but these? Extra special. Apparently in the the store brand "seasoned" means onion powder. Bastards. I should have spent the 50 cents on the Orieda ones. Bet they didn't have onion powder. Seriously, if we are going to season Michael's breakfast foods with pungent dirt orbs, couldn't we at least use garlic? It tastes better and doesn't make me hate the scent of the inside of my mouth. They tasted, well not all the way to good, but alright. I now have freezer food for the day when I should have gone shopping three days ago.

Should have gone to burger king.

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