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Well, after playing around with the Firefox documentation for a while (It could definitely be clearer and more accurate... the settings for Firefox need a more transparent interface. I should be able to extract all of the paths the software uses from within the UI.) I have a portable copy if Firefox. I do wish that the mid level configuration options for Firefox were a little more ignorant user friendly. Someone should slap together a program to clone your Firefox installation to removable media and manage configuration file updates between the original and the clone. (I wrote a triad of batch files to manage the upkeep. One to run Firefox from the thumb drive and then two to update my configuration files. I know I know. Open source, saying "someone should do x" can be answered with "well, why don't you do x?" My answer? I'm not a programmer. I know just enough basic to use qbasic to solve simple math problems. Beyond that I'm still lost. (And as evidenced by my last posted qbasic solution to a problem, I'm not 100 percent on that either. Thanks again silvrayn

But yes, I can now bring my thumb drive with me and have my copy of Firefox to use. This makes me happy. Having a USB 2.0 card for my computer would make me happier than I am now of course... Of course, I don't think that would make the front USB ports 2.0, so it isn't a flawless victory. I'd need a 2.0 compatible hub too.

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