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So yeah. Apple Loses AGAIN. (Still?)

Various family members received itunes gift cards for Christmas.

First, there is now browseable web store. You have to download their bloatware in order to buy things from them. Someone should explain why this is wrong to them with a very heavy club. And very small words.

Second, I went and downloaded their bloatware last night. I clicked the link, it downloaded. I tried to install it this morning and received an error message stating that I have to have windows XP or Vista in order to install this software. I'm running 2000. They have a windows 2000 machine here. I'm not used to xp software not working on 2k. Strikes me that the sort of person who purposefully used an apple product is the sort of person who would be using Windows ME, but there is no ME support at all.

There is a 2k version of the software. It is marginally less bloated than the xp software and reasonably hidden from the download screen. Fucking bloatware. You should not need 50 meg of compressed software to play music and video and *%$# the customer up the @$$ DRM.

All of this hadssel is just so that I can look at the list of things these people are trying to get me to pay them money for... Yeah... Bastards.

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