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The time stamps on many of my chat conversations look like this:
5:20 PM me: hee hee hee
5:21 PM talking about the philosophical positions of strong Cartesian skepticism and there being no free will: "Actually, I take back the statement that nothing useful comes from either position. They can act as specialized plumage in student-philosopher mating rituals, sort of a short hand way of indicating to other young philosophy students which seemingly profound sorts of things you espouse, thus identifying yourself as a potentially suitable mate for like-minded philosophy students."
6:23 PM Eva: snikers
10:01 PM me: I liked it
10:02 PM I imagine a series of articles about the mating habits of the North American Collegiate Philosophers
10:04 PM Eva: heh
that's not research I would want to do
me: rituals
not habits
10:05 PM 'cause yeah
10:06 PM Eva: still not research I'd want to do :P
me: most coffee shops are non-smoking now
the research is much less dangerous than it used to be
10:07 PM little bit of vics vapor rub on your upper lip...
10:10 PM Eva: snerk

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