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Faith is he belief in something in the absence of evidence.
It is not the belief in something in the face of evidence.
Some people maintain their faith in the face of evidence, but as soon as you have evidence for a proposition, you have moved from the realm of faith to the realm of knowledge.
In the Jeudeo-Christian mythos, Humans have faith in God. Angels have knowledge of God. Angels do not have faith, because they have direct experience of the existence of God.

Ignoring for the moment the Cartesian Skeptic (and really, they suck at parties and complain when you strike them with solid objects, so by all means continue ignoring them after the moment is past), I have faith in any number of things that I have accepted provisionally as true. Should someone demonstrate them to be untrue, I'll probably kick a bit, but I'll eventually switch from having faith that x to having knowledge that not x.

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