Hum... (expanded as of the next day)

Words are an all together inadequate method of expressing thoughts.
That's (of course) not exactly what I mean, but it will stand in for the moment. After all there are a shitload of thoughts that can be adequately expressed in words like "Hey, let's get some pizza" or "I need to pee, tell me where the bathroom is" or "Why don't we get drunk and screw?" (Two points for the first person to tell me where that's from without looking it up.)
On the other hand, other thoughts are so involved in the conceptual matrix surrounding them that there is no way to really get them across in words. Sort of sucks, that.
For example, I have four things I want to write about here, and the connections between them are important, but putting them into words strips away the connections.
1. I've just spent two days subbing at a vocational highschool.
2. I've been thinking about the methods and requirements for colonizing star systems other than our own under a particular set of restrictions and I wish I knew more people who would be interested in that who were online more often.
3. I've come to realize recently that entirely too much of my pseudosocial interaction is with exactly three people, none of whom I've been able to communicate with very much recently. Oh, and missing that is rather distressing, even when I'm regularly around other people.
4. Actually I thought I had four, but it looks like three, but in light of the last one, I've come up with a partial answer to the question asked by several of my friends "Doesn't it get boring there without anyone around (excepting my family, of course) and how do you stand it?
(Answer to number four is No/Yes, and another one of those concept thought things that doesn't transfer to words well. I was thinking maybe it was Yes/No, but I'm fairly certian that the answer really is No it doesen't except when it does, not yes it does occasionally.)

I'll try to finish this thought tomorrow.

Well now it is tomorrow and I'm not a lot more sure where I'm going with this than I was last night. I've started to try but it just isn't working right. I reread what I've written and it focuses on the themes too much without giving a feeling for the (perhaps more important) connections and subthoughts that are part of this. There lies the problem with linnear forms of communication, like language and especially writing. Problem is that all of the alternatives are just as bad if not a lot worse outside of their specific realms of competence. I guess the biggest problem is that concepts are nonlinnear, though the thoughts that we use to express them come about in a linnear fashion. Though as a thinker, I am bound by time to have the thoughts in some sembelence of a linnear order, I am aware that in a conceptual matrix many of the concepts that come later when I talk about a thing were already there before I became aware of them by focusing on them, that if you remove them they leave a hole in the set of thoughts that from the first step would have brought the conceptual framework into a different shape. And before someone starts talking about circular justification/regression, I want to mention that it is completly acceptable. It is like a bamboo sphere. You can get bamboo skewers from the store and weave them together to form an inclosed space. It can be rather tricky to do so and most likely you'll end up using more of the little bamboo poles than is absolutely necessisary, but you can build a structure that is entirley self supporting, one that if you remove a given piece will fall apart, or at least start to unravel. (Damn, I wish I had thought of this when I was taking epistemology, I think it would have been a useful analogy when we were talking about justificatory structures. I bet I could have even built a meshwork.) When you are done, you have a structure that is made up of many discrete units, each of which interacts with all of the others, even though one in the front never contacts one in the back. (By the way, closed sufaces are much harder to create than open surfaces like a meshwork fence.) I've been working on trying to come up with a method of presenting ideas in a similar manner, where the entire idea is visible from the first while allowing an indepth analysis to start from any part of the structure.
I'm done now. Bye.

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