I need a word. Below, I've used angry and upset and possibly other words, but none of them are entirely right.
I was going to post last night about being upset with someone, but my browser crashed and I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Oh well, it really still isn't. Long story short, a friend of mine got mad at me over a difference in world views and decided that since I disagreed and my arguement was focused on logical errors in her arguement, I was ignoring her arguement and marginalizing her personhood. She decided to be pissed off (yes, decided, if you are over the age of twelve, you can decide to get angry or not) and I decided to be consolitary. It seemed to be pretty much the only non-inflamatory possibility at the time. Probably was, and due to the disproportional scale of her previous response, that is probably for the good, but there is a little problem. Ever since the event, I've been thinking it over. The problem is that while I seldom allow being pissed influence how I write or speak, except for effect, this has managed to make me rather angry. This wouldn't be a problem had I voiced it, had I answered her accusitions, but I decided to appologize for what I felt I could instead. Now, if I were like I wish to be, that would have ben it, and I would have been able to let go after I made a choice of actions. Problem is that I can't, and that makes me upset as well. If I were where I want to be, even if I were unable to completely forgive and forget, I would be able to accept that failing. Guess I'm not there yet. Oh, as a side note, I really have forgiven, but I'm still rather upset/angry/dissapointed/whatever the damned word is. Not a lot of upset, but some, and that bothers me.

On a completely different note, I'm runnign a deskop copy of TikiWiki on my other computer now. I had to download appache, php, and mysql to run the software so I'm running an isolated webserver just to run a wiki, but still it is pretty cool. I really like the connectivity (and I am aware that I could do it in html, but it is a lot faster with the wiki interface.)
I'm using it as an interconnected knowledge base for my writing. I'll be putting research for stories into it, information about story settings that are shared between multiple settings, personal writeups of information, all of that sort of thing. Of course before I get my computer back on the internet, I'll have to figure out how to keep this webserver thingy seperate from the net. Currently my entire protection is the fact that there is no phone cord (of course, it may not be set up to be accessed from the internet anyway, I don't know. While I was in the middle of learning to be a modern comoputer geek, I killed my computer and went a year and a half with only my 486. I never went back to learning how things work.

Currently I'm mostly just sketching out the eventual form of the database, but even now the connections are starting to gain form. This is very cool.

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