So, three days in the sun and I finally have a bit of a sunburn. Oh well. Obnoxiousa part is that I tan red and I burn the same color.
Hung out with Vanessa for a while. She's my little sister's best friend. She got to rant about the vapidness of her age group, especially her sister and sister's friends, and I got to listen to someone talk who wasn't the voice in my head. (She didn't complain the whole time, or even most of the time, but sometimes a good long gripe is therapudic. That's part of why I keep this journal.) Good kid, she is. (She's too old to be a kid, but then I occasionally call people as much as a year younger than me that, so she has to stand in line to claw my eyes out over that one. Eva has dibs.)

I had sesame chicken last night for dinner and general tso's chicken for lunch today. Mom thought both were quite spicy. Not really. Maybe a B-dubs level three or less. I am considering asking if they can make it extra spicy next time.

Didn't get a funnel cake, even though I was sorely tempted. I didn't decide not to because of health issues (though I could afford to drop an awful lot of pounds) but because they are four bucks now. 4 dollars for 30 cents worth of flour water oil sugar and salt. No skill involved in preparation. *Sighs*

Went to the booksale again, got more books, nothing wonderful, but it was a buck a bag. Waited outside the library with Vanessa until her mom showed up to get her. It is just one of those things you do, sort of like never letting a girl walk alone across campus at night, no matter how much you just want to go to sleep before you forget the O-chem that you two just sent 5 hours cram.. studying.

JET Applications became avaliable yesterday I believe. Need to do something about that.

More things to say, not enough recent hours of sleep to remember what they are.

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