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and thus do I take up my shield

So the other side of the thing I was talking abut last night (the one that wasn't the election. Remember, I don't only talk about the election and how awesome the people who helped us win the election dispite ourselves are.)

My sister recieved a reply to her message (I numbered the sentences):

"Subject Line: That is incredibly sick, hurtful, and not funny.
1. Brie, Do you understand what FOCA DOES? 2. It overturns all state and local resrtrictions on abortion. 3. It makes Partial Birth Abortion legal again. 4. It means full term babies, otherwise healthy, can be killed in utero when they're OLDER then Ben was when he was born. 5. It means Drs and Hospitals are FORCED to perform abortions, even against their beliefs.

6. It's about removing the chance to choose for life. 7. It takes federal funding away from crisis pregnancy centers and 8. provides taxpayer funsding for abortion.

9. It is pure evil, and I'm sorry you don't see that.

10. Goodbye."

1. Irrelivant.
2. Well, no shit. That is the meat of the act, and a direct blow against those who are opposed to a woman's right to control her own body (actually, what it does is force all of those laws to undergo the highest level of scrutiny applicable under the courts. If the law is not over-reaching what it is allowed to do, it is fine.)
3. Well, here we come to a bit of memetic theater from the anti-choice crowd. Partial birth abortion is a term that was created as a political tool. It doesn't show up anywhere in the literature. As such it is amprphous term, if not semantically null. It is also a valuable procedure for ensuring a woman's health after a late term abortion (admittedly, most anti-choice folks want women to suffer as much as possible for their abortions)
4. That's not actually true. It specifically affects laws that are set before the stage of viability.
5. I think we all know my thoughts on doctors who won't do their jobs.
6. Except no, it isn't. Allowing someone else to make a given choice doesn't keep you from making the opposite choice.
7. Well, about damend time. These places are actively harmful, they mislead and decieve women who come to them for help.
"Women describe being harassed, intimidated, and given blatantly false information, or being forced to pray with the crisis pregnancy center's staff. They complain that their confidential information was used against them. In some cases, they were followed home, and mail and phone calls intruded into their homes."
8. Again, good.
9 and 10. She then defriended my sister. There is some drama lama going on here... And removing a woman's right to reproductive health services and controll over her own body is "pure evil, and I'm sorry you don't see that."

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