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I'm back at Obama HQ. I got home at 3 AM and made chex mix to bring down to the HQ. It might be a tad spicy. I'm never sure. I got out this morning and voted, bought a new rear wheel for my bike, dropped off my "fuck you" package for AT&T, and here I am.
The campaign is still making get out the vote calls. I don't know if I can articulate how awesome the use of technology is within the halls of the democratic party. The methods and means they are using to organize this might have been possible in 2000, but not before. Unlike me, they are canvassing to get as many people as they can, no matter their political affiliation, out there to vote.
Heh, one of the head organizers at the campaign had his facebook account hacked by a blackhat. (If your party stops acting like blackhats, well, then we'll see to upgrading you to the loyal opposition. Good luck.)

At noon, it is still pretty mellow and calm. People are talking quietly, there is a buzz of conversation punctuated with happy laughter. We are soaking in the optimism that is the hallmark of the whole campaign.

Personal aside, dad and I've been playing phone tag, this latest round while we were both out voting. He signed off his message with something along the lines of "You'd better have voted for Obama." I just about fell off my bike from laughter. It's been a great day so far.

I'm now at the library checking my email. I headed out a little after the aside got made. It is awesome to be around people who are campaigning for instead of against. Two parties this year, the party of hope and the party of fear, and we are damned tired of fear.

As always,
Michael Phillips

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