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So, I bought some digital camera batteries. It is amazing how much better they work.
Pictures from last night (mostly me)

So I was dressed as a blogger, but I had the mad scientist look down pretty well too: Here's the lens glare from my death ray:

death ray2

The glow of righteous victory:
THe gleam of mad science

Note: Ballooning goggles? not for use at standard temperature and pressure. They fog like crazy.
more normal

There is a rather neat ceiling mural at Baked's new place:
baked 1


baked 2

My frog tank (in progress. It has a frog at least.)
frog tank

Blurry version of the mesh cave in my fish tank. I really should get a tripod.

mesh cave

My Torii gate (needs paint) and my dragon:

tori and dragons

More tank. More blur:

fish tank

I've still got one more to carve. Who lets a little thing like Halloween being past slow them down?

pumpkin for change

My free hand igor was iffy:

My largeish bonsai:
tree a

tree b

The end.

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