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annals of awesome, part the second

From my, admittedly limited, viewpoint, Taylor is the motive force behind Lezbopalooza this year. She works at a community bookstore and in active in about two hundred bazillion different organizations, she sponsors people and events, and if she hasn't yet discovered emotionally that you don't have to go broke doing good, or that you don't have to be on all the time, those are to her great credit. She and I disagree on the modes and ethics of activism, with hers being a purer, more unbending form of personal activism. She holds herself to her own standards without apparent limit or flex. I on the other hand, am a tactical activist, frequently focused on the goal to the exclusion of the means. She lives her causes. If I am, as a few have said, harder on myself than I deserve, Taylor sets herself impossible standards while still allowing others their failures (and most likely doesn't even see it as such) without limit or apparent judgment.

If I am the tarnished Paladin, the is the real thing, the gentle and passionate champion of Right. Ten years from now, when she looks back, she will have done great and wonderful works. She will have changed worlds. If I can make her path, and the paths of people like her, smoother, then I will have done good works of my own.

She and her brothers and sisters are what Ronin Labs is for.

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