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So, in other news,

I now have a slightly less ancient computer (it was given to me. AMD 1.5 ghz, 1 mb ram, XP box. I did some playing around to give it things it previously lacked.)

I replaced the back wheel of my bike. This is a harder task than it looks like. But now I know how.

I'm wearing a sweatshirt thingy tied around my waist. Preppy and convenient.

My dog got sold. This is mostly a good thing since I couldn't buy her.

In related news to the first post, I now have a 17 inch monitor.

I mulched just under half of the front thing of the apartment.

I planted bulbs for next spring (hopefully the squirrels aren't reading this.)

I missed yet another VagMon meeting. I wish that reminders were sent out at least 20 hours earlier.

Still searching for a better job.

Amy Gardner from the WW is still about the epitome of hot.

I'm now on facebook.

I am playing D&D Tiny Adventures. This is almost like playing D&D, except not interactive.

FF 12 is still the best story teller of the FF games since 4. And the starwars movies before 4.

The kitchen has been swept for the first time since we moved in. One of us needs a girlfriend so as to be motivated to do more (and insist on the other one doing more) housework.

I'm still mostly not spending enough time at home for me to get the housework bug.

I'm reading All the Windwracked Stars. so far it is standing up to my expectations. I'm tapping my toes for Chill though.

The same with the next book in the Cybermage series.

And the Dresden Files series.

A little less so for the Game of Thrones series, but that's because the next book is supposed to be about the characters I'm bored by.

Replaced the burnt out bulb in the front room. Seriously, we moved a lamp into the room to avoid replacing the bulb. (In my defense, I did go buy bulbs right after it burnt out. They just weren't the right size.)

I saw a flyer for the first thing that Ronin Labs has helped support. My logo is a negative of the actual log, but that's ok.

See, not everything in my life is politics, activism, or advocacy.

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