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So I screwed up a post last night. I changed the posting date in a manner that means that, unless you are reading directly from or you have a very small inactive friends list, you are unlikely to have seen it. Honestly, it was mostly just a recap of a series of posts I'd already made, and I wasn't certain that I liked the formatting anyway. (Essentially it combined a series of independent posts into a single narrative. They do form a narrative, but I also think they work best as independent entities tied together by an outside post. Also, I do like the intro I wrote, but I think it works better in isolation as well.
A couple of notes.
I did very minimal editing of these posts. I wrote most of them long hand and transcribed them nearly verbatium. If you are expecting polish? Not so much.

On pronouns: I switch between the detached they and theirs and the personal we and ours throughout these entries. It usually is a reflection of my emorional state when I was writing whatever it is when I did so. I was attempting to keep some distance for my writing, but as I got more and more caught up in the events I was chronicling, I lost that distance. I could have fixed that in the edits, but I'd rather not.

So here it is once again, in a more internet centered format:

I spent last night surrounded by heroes, people whop have given more of themselves than anyone could have asked, people who for the last six months, the last fourteen months, the last two years have put everything on hold to try to bring America back to the country that we read about in our history books. I ended my night in tears. I was crying for many different reasons, some of which will be obvious a little bit down the page, but one of which is this: I knew that the biggest thing I will be able to do for these people who I spent the last three days with is these words, and that these words, if they are the best that I have written, if they are the best that I will ever write, they will fall short of what these people have done for me and for you and for America and for the world. I dedicate these words to the people I met at the Campaign for change between November Second and November Fourth 2008, I dedicate them to Domini, to McKenzie, to Ian, to Jeff, to Miguel, to Hope, and to the dozens of people whose names I can not recall or who I never knew.

October 31st 2008: Black Hats and Elections The events that lead me to visit the Obama Campaign:

November 2nd 2008: Serendipity Writ Large I had no idea what was going to happen. A confluence of events, a theft, two stores closed, and a bored night conspire to direct my life. Of course, I hardly noticed at the time:

November 3rd 2008 The Edge of History My first glimpse that there was something different about what I was doing, that there was something that I had missed.

Tuesday November 4th: More of the Day First thoughts, my first return to the campaign of the day:

Tuesday November 4th part 2 Election Night My thoughts during the returns.

I want to thank my friend Eva for her suggestion that one megapost is not really the best format for this work.

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