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hum. something is very familiar here...

So some old friends of mine have recently founded a branch of an anti-woman group (specifically Indiana against the Freedom of Choice Act.) My little sister and I were batting around alternate names for this group, and we really quite liked "Indiana for the War on Women" (Obama has demonstrated the value, politically, of being for things instead of against things.) She promptly joind IaFOCA and created IftWoW. (The second can be found here: the first is a blackhat operation and I will leave it unplugged.) She's not the most subtle person on the planet, but then when I was her age, I was a lot less subtle than I am now as well. She posted a welcome message in the IaFOCA group:

""*waves* Greetings, fellow black hats! If I may be so bold as to speak before being spoken to, I would like to commend your efforts in our War on Women. There are a lot of ungodly heathens out there, these "liberal" creatures, who wish to crush our efforts, who believe the health and freedom of a lowly woman is more important than the parasite in her abdomen that could potentially reach maturity and become a hearty meal for hungry god-fearing white men. It would be a great tragedy if the enemy prevailed. To strengthen support and broaden awareness of the core family value of the oppression of women, head on over to the group "Indiana for the War on Women." "Against" groups can be strong, but we feel that positive identification may be stronger.
May all your babies be gay. ^_^ Lots of love."

Now, not that I mostly disagree with her root points, and I definitely find the black parody somewhat amusing, but I think I'd have worded it differently.

The group's owner is the wife of a friend of mine, and her reply (which I will talk about later in more depth) proves that she both speaks a different English than I do, and that we really share almost no values in common. Sadly, this is a place where cultural and moral relativisim just doesn't cut it. There is a distinct right and distinct wrong in this case, and depending on which position you accept as true, the other is irredeemably wrong and, depending on your parlance, evil.

(As for the difference in how I would have worded it, here is a pair of posts, one in IatFOCA and my mirroring post in IftWoW:)
Deirdre Mundy wrote
at 10:56am
Start calling your congressmen now!!!! If they've already received a landslide of calls before Jan., they'll be more likely to work to oppose it.

Michael Phillips wrote
at 4:16pm
Okay, so groups who area against the Freedom of Choice act are going to be starting call in campaigns to their congress critters in the next week or so. The theory is that if they start making noise before the start of the next legislative session, their congress kritters will be more likely to listen to them. That is our cue to start making calls to let them know where we stand.

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