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I find myself surrounded by awesome people whose names I never catch.
For example, I’ve told several of my friends the story of the puppy I’ve been playing with at one of the local pet shops. She was a wire hair fox terrier and she was there for several months. Now, those of you who know me, know that the amount of time that it takes me to bond with animals that are in the least bit affectionate can be measured in low digits of heart beats, so I was quite fond of this little puppy after a short while (I mean seriously, she would try to eat my hair and my shoes and she’d maul my hand. What is not to like?) Well, I can’t afford a dog at the moment so I went in several times a week to play with this (not particularly cute) puppy. Well, when I told people that the puppy I’ve been talking about was sold, most of them expressed sympathy. And obviously expected me to be sad.
The pet shop girl? (Well, pet shop young woman, but “pet shop girl” has a certain sound to it.) She came up to me and announced that my wire hair terrier had been sold in a tone that expected me to be excited too.

She gets it.

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