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The edge of history.

I missed the edge of history. I start these words on the back steps of the Bloomington Obama Campaign Headquarters. Beautiful night and a promise of a spectacular dawn. I came to help. Instead I'm hiding out back writing. Typical really.

I am really not nor have I ever been the right person for this campaign. This isn't the place for cynics. These kids, and most of them really are kids, are trying to change the game. When I was their age, I loved the game, and now I am not sure that it can be changed. That isn't to say they can't win. The blackhats took 8 years in power and so massively fucked things up that they may have killed their revolution, the one that's been poisoning American politics since I was born. The blackhats set the field, they've darkened the tone of American politics, they've polarized the country in a way that may take the rest of my life to repair.

Moving back inside. Not sure where this is going and I need to go in and refocus on the swell of their energy.

Lots and lots of wireless routers.

Okay I'm back. I helped organize some things (I am very much a facilitator.) They have focata. I don't feel so bad about eating their food after helping out.

I missed the edge of history. 12 months ago, I was jobless. I saw campaigning related job listings and never stepped up to the plate. They all slipped past - over and over again until June when I got my job and essentially quit looking for them. I should have volunteered after the rally (some day eventually I'll finish blogging the rally for then not yet president Obama.) I should have joined these kids' cause. But I am not the right person at the right place or the right time. I'm not actually sure I've ever been that person.

Good people doing good things. That floats my boat, but my own works are always colored by era and my outlook and it is probably best that I am keeping out of the memetics side of this campaign.

Now it is after hours. I'm probably the only non-staffer left and they ran out of tasks for me hours ago. I'm watching comrades winding down and gearing up for one last big push to bring about a sea-change. I'm sitting on the edges looking in . Just a moment...

A young woman, Hope's her name, just dragged herself across the room and sank into a seat. She read one of the pieces of campaign literature that is scattered here and there in assorted boxes and a big grin captured her face, her shoulders straightened, and she got ready to start again. This is the campaign.

Sorry, didn't want to lose that.

Energy level - 11 pm. Incredible. I said this before. These are my people. Within the last hour Obama said something about Bobby Knight and Chris Matthews called Indiana for Obama. Bonhomme is not sufficient a word for the atmosphere.

I was just asked if I was a staffer. I wish. It's probably the stubble and the receding hair and the tired aspect. All evening people have been bringing them food. They have a woman who is driving some local up to Indiapolis tomorrow at ungodly early so he can go vote. Also, surrounded by the invincible beauty of youth. Two or three times I was recognized from yesterday.

I missed the edge of history. I hope to your assorted gods that a thing like this campaign is never needed. I hope we never fall so far that this degree of mobilization is needed. At the same time, it is awesome to see that a positive message can bring a level of response that is more traditionally associated with fear campaigns,

Kinsey "It is the best day of our lives tomorrow."

back to the thread

associated with fear campaigns, campaigns run on a threat, be it brown people, or uppity women, or a scary godless elite, the suppression of your (massively in the majority) faith, etc. This time it is hope and change and a drawing back together that motivates, and it is the democrats mobilizing.

I missed the edge of history. But fortunately for me, history comes back for us.

As always,
Michael Phillips

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