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And the grenn grass grows all around and a round, and the green grass grows all around.

I walked down to the dollar general to buy some tape so I could mail off a buisness reply card for the Academic Advisor position. Damned demographic information. I got the double whammy being both white and male. Oh well. Oh, triple whammy. I'm underqualified for the job.
Well, back to the story in progress:
So, I walked down to the dollar general to buy some tape, and what do I see? I found seeds to make things grow for cheap. I bought some white dasies, just like the lawn dasies in Oregon, some pumpkin seeds, and some sunflower seeds. Not that I'll get to benefit from the last two if all goes well since I'll be in muncie before they mature. This evening I'm going to ransack the garage for some potting soil and plant trays and set up starter beds for the seeds. I've been wanting to grow things for a while now, and since I'm too broke to get back into bonsai right now, this will have to do.

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