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In regards to my last entry

I just remembered which one I have here. I have Xenogears. And even if I do find my memory card, I think I'll holdoff. I promised dibs on that one to a friend of mine, and it'd suck if she took me up on it halfway through the game.

Well, I'm either going to go play Never Winter or Super Mario Brothers.
Maybe I'll beat it this time. So, yeah, I r0x0r at games like 19XX which is as scripted as SMB and harder too boot, but I have never beaten the last Bowser. This is pathetic.

Well, I didn't play either. I really didn't want to play NWN and apparently I had Super Mario Brothers on the computer sometime before the last time I formatted the HDD. I may have a backup of it somewhere, and I am staring at the cartridge right now, but finding the cd or hooking up the NES are more work than that game is worth. I ended up playing some Super Metroid instead. Bloody hard without a controllwe and with the keys set up the opposite of how it feels that they should be. (Sort of like playing FF7 and FF Tactics togethere. The key settings are just about opposite of eachother which messed me up since I usually play with the controller behind my head anyway.

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