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I just found my calculator! It was in my sister's bedroom on a shelf under a bunch of papers... I freaking carved my name into it to keep her from accidentially acquiring it. Yeah, that worked well.
It is not my good calculator, my TI 89, which I think is in Oregon somewhere, but damn I'm glad to have the little TI 32C++ or whatever it is back. It is much easier to use than my computer'c calculator. (Actually I may have a TI-89 emulator here somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is, and I don't want to search through all of the out of the way folders to find the thing.)

Maybe the tag should be "Geeky".

I just remembered something. The last time I seriously looked for my calculator was when my little brother wanted to borrow it for the SATs. I searched, asked my sister if she knew where it was, on recievig a negative, asked if she had hers here, she said no. Girr.

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