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So, I haven't posted anything today. I'm slacking something big time here. I started to post earlier today, but the computer crashed and my endless wisdom about the newest book by Neal Stephenson was lost to humanity. Mostly i said that it is funny so far, but no on par with Snow Crash or Cryptonomicron. I think I've said that before to some of you.
Here's something a little odd about being an aspiring writer. I've been playing pencil and paper rpgs for at least 16 years now (gah, I have been playing for more years than I had when I started.) When I am working on settings instead of finishing stories in progress like a good boy, I find myself as often as not working on a campaign setting. This is very dangerous. I don't want my stories to sound like someone's D&D game (or GURPS or Shadowrun or whatever.) The worst part of it is that I'm not roleplaying right now, and each time I find myself doing this, my desire to be playing or running something gets really strong. I guess I could play with the McClures if they have any free time, but honestly, 3 people isn't enough, especially when two of them are related and live in the same house. I could play or run something for my sibilings and their friends, but (and no offense to you nessie) I really want to play with older folks. There is both the life experience gap that makes it akward to play with people that much younger than I am, and my hesitation to explore various themes with people that young (not that they aren't mature enough for anything I want to do in a roleplaying game, but I have a hard time getting past that block. I'll probably always treat the ones who stick around like they are a decade younger than they really are.) I could run a basic hack and slash game, but I don't like running them, and anymore, to enjoy that kind of gaming, I need to play with an experienced GM. Oh well.

Still playing Zelda. This time, I actually do have the Master Sword, and there are only two or three more dungeons before I am done with the first half of the game. My brother was asking how I managed to avoid the screens full of enemies. Gods, the kids these days have it easy with their gameing. I mean honestly, not only do his games have cheat codes, but he actually uses them. The screen he was talkin about wasn't even all that bad. He is sort of obnoxious when he is watching a game, and I wish he would kibitz less, but this has always been the case. His favorite is "You're going to die!" Which is almost inevitably followed by a massive set of me not dieing. He just doesn't have the skills. Shit. I mean honestly, what's he got? Spyro? Please! When I was his age, the games were harder. I mean, Megaman 1, the eight bosses are each harder than anything in spyro, and you fought them twice (as well as the wonderful rock monster.) Oh well. Got that off my chest. (He plays Unreal Tournament with cheat codes too. Yeah, there's a reason that dodging 8 or 10 krees looks hard to him, he hasn't ever actually played a hard game without cheating.)
Well, I should talk about something of intrest to Aundree and anyone else who isn't a gamer. Er...
Damn, I don't have anything right now.

Oh, went to the dollar general and bought another big package of wildflower seeds to plant in the back yard (that yard will be so pretty next year if they take.)

The snow has melted.
the leaves peek out at the sun
yesterday forgotten
a bird's song softly begins
has the spring returned to us?

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