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Went out and watched Hellboy with Nick. Got home too late to post this, so I'm posting now and changing the date.
It was good to see Nick again. Sort of part of being stuck in the hell hole that is Indiana (and especially a small town in the south end) is that I don't see friends as much as I'd like. Oh well, I'll be back out west soon enough. Actually, it won't be soon enough at all, but I can pretend. I may go west via Muncie, but I am figuring on being within 100 miles of the Pacific within 4 years. It'll be good to get out of the midwest again.
Hellboy was good. Not great, but good. My main complaint was that it wasn't dark enough at all. I mean, for a film that rips off Lovecraft (and honestly folks, the Mythos is an open setting, couldn't we have taken it whole cloth?) the bad guys were just too warm and fuzzy. Not that the bad guys were warm and fuzzy at all, but they weren't nearly enough of the opposite for this to be a happy Michael.
We went to Dairy Queen before the movie and watched about 15 cars cruseing back and forth from the theater's lot to a highschool across the way's lot and back. Nick tried a Puckerberry Blizard. While we were ordering, I told him I was going to laugh at him when it tasted like shit. No more than three minutes later I got to laugh at him. Apparently in the special Dairly Queen language "Sour Rasberry" means unsweetened rasberry Koolaid mix. The one that got me was when he found a bit that hadn't dissolved into the Blizzard. Here, go try an experiment. Go grab a package of unsweetened Koolaid and open it. Pour the contents on your tongue. Now you know what Nick was facing.
We watched the natives do stupid things in stupid cars. Gas is like $1.70 a gallon right now. We watched fifteen cars go back and forth at under their optimal speed for an hour. We watched a 2 hour movie and when we came back out at least 3 of them were still at it. (One was a Diesal truck, I suspect borrowed from Daddy. Another was the most hideous green and orange shit-mobile I have ever seen. Several very rice cars. Love the midwest, I really do.) Okay, let's give these morons the benefit of the doubt. At optimum they get 25 miles to the gallon and are geared for about 50 miles per hour. Here they are going like 15 the whole time and doing stupid shit with their engines. Let's say 3 gallons an hour. So the ones still out there had used a minimum of 6 gallons of gas driving in circles. 6*1.70 (the cheapest gas.) is $10.20. So these dumbshits are spending ten bucks to drive in circles! That's just tonight! *sighs* Still don't know why a few of my friends are adverse to the idea of leaving the armpit of America.

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