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I've got the Master Sword

Well not really, but I only need two more hearts before I can go get it. In my quest for the original Super Mario game, I stumbled on the first two Zeldas. I never really played them in the way back when, so I am having all of the excitement of playing a new Zelda game for the first time. Envy me! It is a little less fun than Link to the Past, though I understand that I am having more fun by orders of magnitude than if I was playing Majora's Mask.
Check out the new I'm Blue (esp the gamers among my unregistered friends.) She's doing a pencil and paper rpg story arc. 3rd edition not so spoony bard and all.

I just got to talk to Jessica H. over IM. This is a special occasion, almost as rare as talking to John M. Actually I guess that it is about exactly as rare as getting to talk to Rube. She had to go all too soon, but still, it is really good to be able to keep in (albet sporadic) contact with my friends from highschool.

Writing this at 11, and everyone's asleep or trying to be. It is a real pain that the only internet computer in the house is in mom's room. I've been less productive than I'd like this week. I need to finish up my Flipside story (excerpt posted below,) but most of my actual creative work has gone into working out how much energy you need to run biopowered electronics and detailing a potential story setting in my head (actually, workingout some gimmics for said setting. I'm thinking of a humanity that is very phobic of nano scale von neumanns because of an early grey goo incident on Mars. Not certain what angle I want to work the story as though.

The snow is still blowing my mind. The first owners of this house were dumb and planted a silver maple. I don't know why people like them. Their leaves aren't that pretty, and after they get big, you are just waiting for an 800 pound limb to fall through your roof. Big softwood maples are worthless. Well, two big brances broke off of the tree today (BIG Branches) and are lying in the yard. My brother, who was home sick today decided to move one of them. In sandels and shorts. *holds head*

Here's another recipe, nothing bread related this time.
Mike’s Quick Chicken and Egg Soup
3 C Water
2 bullion cubes
2 eggs
1 piece of chicken (Thigh or breast or two drumsticks.)
1 chopped green onion

Small Pan
Coffee Cup

This is a fairly quick soup recipe; it makes a somewhat thick soup and can be made with raw chicken or leftovers. These instructions assume you are using raw chicken, for precooked chicken, use 2 cups of water, and add eggs and onions immediately.

Remove skin and cut up chicken. The pieces should be no bigger than your thumbnail, and even smaller than that is okay.

Crack eggs into coffee cup and beat until they are well mixed.

Put pan on stove and add water. Bring to rapid boil, and add bullion cubes. Put in chicken pieces, and allow it to come back to a rapid boil. Lower temperature to medium and cook for five minutes. Bring temperature back up to high and add eggs and onion. Once the soup returns to a boil, you can turn it down and let simmer for five to 10 minutes. Add salt, pepper and other spices to taste. If the soup is too strong, add water, too weak, allow it to boil down a little.

This can be served over a bowl of unseasoned ramen noodles as a meal for two or eaten by itself.

This one is straight out of the cookbook, and was chosen for me by my friend Eva.

everyone asleep
falling water and dog snores
are my companions
alone until the morning
pen, paper my company

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