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Nested assumptions.

Time to talk about the cookbook. I've been working on it off and on since just before the end of the last quarter last year. The whole concept is to produce a cookbook for someone who is living in a dorm or appartment and thus has limited funds and space for pots and pans and stuff. I am basing it on the stuff Ihad my last year in a Dorm. Except for the bowls, my entire cooking set fit inside a single dresser drawer. Here's the list:
1 pizza sheet
1 stir-fry pan, small enough for the pizza sheet to cover
1 metal or glass bread pan (as big as the store carries.)
1 small (one or two quart) pot.
Assorted metal forks, spoons, and knives (can be acquired from dining services if you are in a dorm.)
A large mixing bowl
A small mixing bowl (or a margarine tub)
A small cutting board (or a caffeteria tray)
a paring knife (the minimum knife needed. It is easiest if you can get some others as well)
1 spatula
1 wooden spoon
a pair of bamboo chopsticks (only if you are reltiively proficient in their use)
A set of dry-measure measuring cups
a set of measuring spoons
a roll of tin foil
zipper-plastic bags
at least 1 plate, bowl, and coffee cup, preferably two or three of each.
Except for the last chapter, every recipe in the book will be able to be made with just these items (all of the ones I have so far were either developed or at least tested with this set of gear.)

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