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What the Fuck? It is snowing!

Okay, yeah, yesterday was nice and warm, but this morning when I went to take the dogs out it had become chilly and it was raining. Mom brought some laundry to the laundrymat since our dryer isn't working, and when she came back, it was snowing. It was just little flakes back then and it was mixed with rain. Now, 5 hours later (or so,) there is between 2 and 4 inches of snow on the ground, and the snow is falling in these quarter sized clusterfucks of flakes (thanks for the word Rube.) I'm looking at the weather map, and there is this pseudopod of blueness extruding from Eastern Canada all the way into southern Alabama. It is warmer in Indianapolis than it is in Montgomery!
Hey, I've got a new reader. Good to hear from you Aundree. How's stuff in the deep south? Biggest benefit to joining up (if you aren't going to keep a journal) is that if someone replies to one of your posts, you recieve an e-mail about it. Oh and you can have a picture by your posts (like my Usagi Yojimbo one.)

Yesterday I was thinking about stuff. (Always a bad sign.) I have mentioned and linked to Life of Riley a lot in this Journal in the five or so days I've been keeping it. Well, that's cool and all, because it is one of the second set of webcomics I started reading (after Avalon, College Roomies from Hell, Megatokyo (my absolute first,) Penny Arcade, a defunct comic involving a sheep, and one I don't remember at all. But, it has come to my attention that other than a Quiz, I haven't mentioned this at all. It happens to be written and drawn by a friend of mine. Go check it out. I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue I'm Blue

Well, I'll try to have a second post later today. Have a good day.

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