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As detailed in an earlier post, I intend to include the occasional falsehood in my posts. Some of them will be made up completely from my imagination (I hope that they are hard to pick out) while others wil;l just be modifications of things that really happened. Who knows, maybe sometimes I'll manage to tell the truth in such a manner that you completely disbelieve it. There is a small problem with this. I had thought of a story to tell, one fabricated but believable. I thought it through then put it on the back burner to mature, but now that I am writing my journal, I can't remember what the story was. Arrgh!

The dogs have been a bit of a pain today. Well, Padfoot, the chocolate lab has been a pain. First he tried to charge the door when I was going out to get the mail. I bounced him off the door frame (which doesn't even faze the dog. He plays rough.)
Then later he was on his chain and decided that eating the empty water bowel would make it produce more water (or give him something to do or something. Now the bowel is missing big chunks and has doggy tooth marks in it. I refilled it and put it back between the dogs, and Padfoot knocked it over and chewed on it some more. Fun.

Still no seedlings from the peas, artichokes, or brocciflower.

Even worse, no contact from Ball State.

Anybody know someone who wants to hire an academic advisor or a hall director, or a nature interpreter? Or a technical writer (I guess)?

Love the deficit spending/export jobs market model.

I've got nothing tonight. Be well. Be happy. (don't take any radioactive nickles)

annother day ends
achievements and failures both
new day tomorrow
for tonight there's only sleep
we begin anew at dawn

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