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Time for a bloody new topic

*crickets chirp*
Oh wow, single minded much?
Arrgh. I just told eva that I didn't want to just post my daily tanka as my second entry, but since mom wants to go to sleep I may end up doign just that. And arrgh again, I haven't had a chance to mix fictional accounts of my life into the narrative this time. Somedays just don't work out right. Guess that's what I get for not posting in the morning though.
Haven't heard from BSU yet. That is a little bothersome, though Adrienne hasn't e-mailed me to tell me that it is hopeless at least.
I finally finished Quick Silver and was elated for a moment, then I realized that there were going to be two more books in the story, both about the same size, and that they weren't going to be out any time soon. Elation fadeing.
I should do something exciting, but the whole waiting to hear about the job thing is taking away from my willingness to be too far from home at the moment. I should take Xris up on her offer to come and visit, though I am less fun than she seems to remember.
So, which one of you is going to start running a play by message board roleplaying game? Do I have to volunteer Rube-san?
Gah, another one without the narrative format that I had hoped to use to make my life appear interesting. Oh well. By the way, my life is intersting, it just doesn't look like it on tv. I end up almost every day falling asleep before I finish all of the things I wanted to think about/do/write/whatever.
Well, I guess I'm done for the moment. (The tanka below was written before the rest of the entry.)

a waxen candle
flame flickering in the dark
you dance in my breath
light and shadow mix as one
neither possible alone

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