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Procrastination, Making things happen.

Wow, it is amazing the sorts of things that I'll do to avoid doing something that is enjoyable just because I set myself a deadline. I mowed the yeard even though the grass was wet and thus a pain in the ass. I started the process of taking apart the swingset and rerigging mom's clothes line so it didn't include said swingset. It used to between two poles but one of them is missing. Then mom tied it to the swing set, giving a triple line, but making it fairly short. I have now attached it to a catapla tree half way across the yard. We have a lot more room on it, which is good since the dryer is not working. Actually it is working maybe, but the outlet for it was doing scary things and mom hasn't had the money to get it looked at. We use the laundry mat for drying clothes, but the line is good too when there is no incomming rain. I finished reading another Charles Scheffielf novel, making three in the last 5 days. I just started bejewling again. I planted a row of peas. I have done exactly zero writing of fiction. I can't say that today has been unproductive, but it has been productive in all of the wrong ways. Welcome to the true reason that my final papers for Environmental Ethics and Environmental Science were both started and finished in the same night, which, coincidentally ws the night before they were due. the EE paper was good. The ES paper (which I started at 3 or 4 in the morning and didn't proof read for grammer, spelling, logical consistancy, or even cohearent thoughts) is one of my best, though not as good as the things I wrote for Mrs. Dr. Eflin (as opposed to Mr. Dr. Eflin, I had classes with both of them. To make things even more confusing their e-mail addresses were like jkeflin1 and jkeflin2.) I was so horrified after I turned it in that I had possibly just said the same thing over and over again for eight pages, sometimes even rewording it. Having already turned it in, I decided not to check, and was pleasantly supprised when it was returned and I read it (it was too late to worry so I didn't.) The EE paper was a book report. That was the assignment, that is what I wrote. Not great, but not bad. It condemned one of the clasic pieces of environmentalist fiction. The story was good, but as a ptolemic it was lacking the ethical grounding it needed. (The Monkeywrench Gang by Edward Abbey. Since the book was written in part about events that did occur, and in which Mr. Abbey was intamently involved, it wasn't the author's fault that the book failed to live up to my standards. At least not his fault as the author.)

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