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The end draws near

Not half as important as it sounds at first, the end draws near. Well, maybe not the end. More like the final bits of the current phase that leads into the longer phase of waiting for other things to happen.
Looking over my last several days worth of journal entries, er, yeah I didn't actually look them over, I just kind of sat here and tried to remember them, so yeah, reminiscing about the last several days worth of journal entries, and I realized something. One could come to the conclusion that I spend a fair amount of my life growing things. In general this is false. What actually is signified by the recent flood of gardening entries is that I have picked up a project(tm). The way that projects work is that Michael happens to get an idea at or around the same time that he gets the funding needed to pursue said idea (not that they always actually involve a need for funding.) What ensues then is initial project research and the acquisition of project related materials (unless someone talks him out of doing so. That danger is why I usually don't mention my projects to others before I start them.) Then I begin to actualyl work on the project. If this doens't take much time, then the project has a fair chance of becomming a finished project. For all of my claimed incompetence, I am actually pretty good at things in general. What I am bad at is having the patience to finish an extended project. Well, the gardening project is approaching completion. It isn't time wise actually even half way done, but I have finished at least half of the origional goals. The raspberry bushes are beginning to grow a little. One of them actually has new leaves. The blueberries that I planted yesterday are actualyl showing more new growth than the blueberries. I am not as sure that the tomatoes will make it at all. Oh well I don't like tomatoes anyway.
I stripped most of the vegitation from along the east side of the fence that splits the back yard in half and have planted almost all of my sunflower seedlings. The remaining ones will go elsewhere probably tomorrow, but I ran out of sunlight tonight. The snow peas have dropped rootlings and now I wait for the cotyledons to split so I can plant them on the west side of the fence. I got the artichokes and brocciflower seeds planted in a trau and I breathlessly await their sprouting and eventual transplantation. I've got a humus/manure/topsoil mix sititng in the wheelbarrow weaiting to fill the various holes I make in the next few days (since I couldn't rent a rototiller.) All in all, I am almost done.

For anyone who is wondering, I don't actually like gardening as a pasttime. I never understood the folks who puttered around in a garden all summer planting and weeding and all of that. My entire plan is to:
1. remove all of the weeds at the get go.
2. plant seedlings and such that have had time to get bigger than the weed seedlings.
3. get rid of the occasional huge weed that appears before the plants are done (but hopefully the plants will take care of themselves in this matter.
that's it. I like landscaping more than gardening. Sure it is a lot of work at the beginning, but if you do it right, then you can spend the rest of the year watchign it develop and not bothering it. A few weeds and unplanned things makes it look much more natural (and a proper planting design makes it much mre resistant to pests. Things like me spreading the tomatoe and artichoke plants all over so that infestations won't (I hope) spread. I learned yesterday that artichokes are not annuals. That makes them perfect. I can plant them, take care of them as they develop, then just ignore them. Whoot!

After tomorrow, this project will probably have some downtime as the remainign seeds sprout. That is cool. I am not the sort of person who wants to make one great effort and get everything done today. I'd prefer to take it slowly so I don't grow sick of the very idea of the project.
I need to do some other thing.
For examples of other projects that I started and never have finished see Never Winter Nights, Baldur's Gate 2, the first Nes Zelda game, Lunar 2, Learning Japanese, translating my Ranma Manga to keep my hand in with Japanese, finishing my flipside story (see the entry below with the wombat in the lj-cut)
Lots of things I could do. Heh.

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