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Bring on the recipies

I was thinking about the whole recipe thing I mentioned somewhere below here, and I just had the most stupendaculous idea. Instead of starting with recipies of dubious providence like Mike's Scrumptus Gramcracker Banana Goo Marangue Pie with Minty After Taste (Known to extract comments like, "Ooh, this is nasty" *taste taste taste* "Er, maybe not. I think I like it," *Taste* "ick" *taste* "no, it is good" *taste* "Bleh" *taste* "er, I'm all out, could I have some more?") I'll test more regular recipies on you folks. Just a second as I rummage through the magicial recipe file.
Er, how about Hard Boiled Eggs? No too simple.
Hand Whipped Merangue Cookies? Oh, wait. I said I was never doing that with a fork ever again, right after I regained the use of my arm.
Mike's Not Spicy at All Seefood Gumbo? Oh, too much food you say? Okay.
I know! Jessica's*** Artichoke and other stuff party dip from New Years.* **
1/2 package of chopped frozen Spinach.
1 Can of Artichoke Hearts in Brine, drained and soaked in cold water for a while.
4oz cream cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
1/4 cup mayonaise (not fake Mayo, real Mayo.)
about 1 tsp garlic salt
1/4 c fresh shredded parmesan cheese (you can use it from a green tall dispenser, but, really, ICK.)
3/4 c shredded Motzearella cheese.
1 loaf of French or something bread
One large Bread Pan (Greased)
Medium Bowl

Preheat Oven to 298.7 degrees****
Prepare Spinach to the instructions on the package
Chop the artichoke hearts (I like big pieces)
Put All ingredients except 1/2 C motzerella in bowl , make sure cream cheese is buried in steaming hot spinache. Mix Well. Transfer to prepared pan.
Put remaining motzerella on top of dip.
Place in oven and bake for 25 minutes.
If the top isn't brown, turn the oven on broil and cook five or so more minutes.
Serve with sliced bread.

* Not actually the same recipie as the one that Jessica used for her dip at new years. That one was copyrighted and didn't fit within the restrictions of the Cookbook.
** Not actually in the cookbook yet. Try at your own risk. I am not exactly sure that it will come out perfectly.
***I also need to get Jessica's permission to use her name.
**** Yeah, just being a jackass there. 300 is fine. Not 301 though.

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