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Let's see who's reading this

Hey folks. I sent off announcements of the existance of this thing a while ago, and I just thought that I'd see who is actually reading it.
What I'm going to do is post an exerpt from my newest story in progress (hey, I'm at 16,000 of 10,000 words through, almost 75% done.) What I'd leike everyone to do is comment on it. I want some feedback on this part anyway.
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This time the trip was less traumatic. I learned later that transit between two places on the Flipside much less distressing than transit to or from the normal world. While the voyage was easier, the location was worse. While Mikasa’s study had been at least somewhat familiar, this place was completely unlike anything I had ever seen. The sky above me seemed to be both closer and infinitely more distant than the sky back home and it pulsated with colors and patterns, great bands of color that moved across the sky at a slow march. Where two bands met, they would break up and become a swirling mass of the two colors. I watched one of these vortexes made of cadmium blue and pumpkin orange break up into two new bands, one yellow like sunlight and the other a matte charcoal black. There was no sense of perspective, bands that seemed further away were still the same size as the ones above my head, and a band moving toward me might grow and shrink unpredictably. The ground around me was flat and nearly featureless. It seemed to be made of stone, though there were occasional tree-like things spaced out as far as I could see. It too was of a shifting aspect, though the ground was colored in gigantic squares, each maybe as long as a football field and they appeared to be stationary. They were not unchanging. When a square shifted colors, all of the surrounding squares would waver and shift colors. Where my feet touched the ground, waves of distortion spread like ripples on a pond, and the square I was standing in shifted from a comforting brown to tarnished silver.
It took me a moment to convince myself that it was the world that was insane, not myself. Among the shifting colors of earth and sky, it was impossible to tell if anything moved across the plain, so I started walking forward toward the first of the tree things in the distance. My first step forward caused me to lose my grasp on the local again, because instead of having progressed a few feet across the square I had been standing on, I was now in a completely different location. The sky had sifted, the ground was purple, and there wasn’t a tree ahead of me. The visual shift was completely seamless, but my stomach rebelled at the conflicting information coming from my eyes and my legs. I dropped to my knees for a minute and got a hold of myself. After I was fairly certain that my stomach was not going to force its contents out on the shifting landscape I cautiously stood. It seemed that as long as I wasn’t traveling purposefully in any direction, the world behaved at least a little less oddly.
I finally rose back to my feet and resolutely walked forward. I didn’t know where I was, and I had no idea where I was going, but I knew that to sit there would be to surrender, to admit that not only was all of this real, but that it had defeated me. At first I tried staring at my feet, but the disorientation was almost as strong even with my limited field of view. I finally closed my eyes and just continued walking. I’d open my eyes every couple of steps, but I never approached anything approximating a normal landscape. I finally decided to just close my eyes and hope. I walked along in darkness for an indeterminate time, somewhere between a minute and a month, occasionally opening my eyes and staring at the chaotic landscape. Eventually the ground began to rise, or at least it felt like I was walking up a gentle slope though the ground continued to stretch out into an apparently endless smooth plain. I walked along, the whole time wishing that I was back home, or in Mikasi’s house, or with Pallas, or anywhere more normal than this.
I walked along with my eyes shut for a long while when suddenly I ran into something hard and rough. As I fell, I opened my eyes and saw a tree ahead of me. It was maybe an arms breadth across and from my position on the ground, it stretched out to encompass the whole sky. I decided to stay underneath it for a while, to sit there next to something stable for a while and hope that I’d wake up soon.
I must have fallen asleep because I woke up. I opened my eyes and instantly regretted it. I was still under the tree in the center of the chaotic plain, I was sore from sleeping on the ground, tired from walking, my stomach was quietly telling me I was hungry, and my mouth was dry and cottony. Then my brain started to chime in. It seemed to think that its concerns were worse than my body’s. It chose to remind me that Barbara had left me because she found another woman’s panties in my dirty laundry, that I was lying there under a tree in the most strongly detailed hallucination it had ever been my misfortune to experience, I was fairly certain that I was no where near Portland, I was starting to seriously consider the reality of Magic, was probably going insane, and there was a six foot tall purple wombat walking towards me across the plain that made up half of my hallucination.
It took me a second to process that last part, and when I figured out what my brain was telling me, I decided that I could elevate “probably going insane” to “completely and irrevocably bonkers.” That was a real load off my mind really, because it meant that I didn’t have to worry about any impossible things anymore. Anything that happened that couldn’t happen was obviously just the product of the disintegration of my mind. I sat up and waited for it to approach.
It spoke in a rumbling deep voice, “Hello traveler, might I ask what you are doing here?”
“I’m not really sure. I don’t think that I’m entirely sane right now.”
The wombat chuckled, “No, probably not. But then who is? Certainly not old Justarius. Oh, by the by, I’m Justarius. Or at least I am sort of Justarius, never did quite figure it out though. Say, you wouldn’t happen to know where why I’m not quite who I am, would you?”
“Er… Hello Justarius, I’m afraid that I can’t help you with your riddle. Well, I think I used to be sane, but I’ve been hallucinating a lot of things recently.”
“Oh? You’ve been hallucinating? How wonderful! What are you hallucinating? I once hallucinated that I was a large purple wombat, oh wait, no I didn’t, I hallucinated that I was a small taupe rubber ducky. Could you show old Justarius some of your hallucinations? I haven’t seen a good hallucination in «ľons.”
“Well like using magic and giant dogs and a war between different houses and a very short giant who gave me a magical sword and this whole place and, well, no offense, but a giant purple wombat.”
“Well, it does sound like you’ve had a rough time. If you’ll excuse my asking, where are you from? You are from somewhere, aren’t you? You talk like a person who is from the sort of place where you have to be from somewhere to be able to be somewhere.”
“Portland, Oregon.”
“Portland… Hum,” he closed his eyes for a moment and twitched his nose. The sight of a giant purple wombat deep in thought was almost too much for me and I struggled to keep from laughing. He eventually opened his eyes, “You are from a city on Prime. That is really something. I haven’t had a visitor from Prime in better than three thousand years. Still not really sure why you are here though. How about you tell me your story?”
I decided that I really had nothing to hide from a figment of my fragmenting imagination and that telling a story would be a pleasant way to while away the hours as I slipped further into insanity. After an indeterminate passing of time I finished telling him what had happened to me, the process of which has helped me clarify the above story.
His black eyes stared at me for a moment. “You’re telling the truth, aren’t you? Don’t you worry about going madder, old Justarius here isn’t a hallucination, not exactly. Welcome to the Between. Things are odd here, or maybe oddness is the thing here. Well, old Justarius thinks that he knows why you are here. The short giant wouldn’t happen to go by the name of Mikasi would he?”
“Yes it is, but I never told you that. If you aren’t a figment of my mind, how did you know that?”
“Ah, but I didn’t know his name, I just suspected that it might be him. You have to start pretty early in a cycle to trick old Justarius. Mikasi has never been good at hiding things from me, at least not that I know of, but then I guess anything that he hid that I didn’t know of would be too well hidden for me to worry about, wouldn’t it? I wonder if he sent you here to hide something?”
“I don’t think he did, at least he never mentioned it to me.”
“Ah, that proves it, he did send you to hide something. If he hadn’t he would have told you that he had unless he thought that he could hide something by sending you here to hide something without having given you anything to hide. He’s a tricky one that Mikasi is. That’s why I invite him over for tea every couple of decades.”
“Did any of that make sense to you Justarius?”
“Nope, not at all. That’s why I’m sure that Mikasi had something to do with it. His plots and jokes never make any sense while you are in them. You should watch out for him. He’s a sly one. Make sure you go to his masquerade balls if he ever invites you, they’re great fun, even if it is a little difficult to hide who you are when you look like a giant purple wombat. You know, I don’t really look like a wombat, that is just how you see me. I don’t really look like much of anything you’d understand. Your mind is just confused. I do that to you more lineal folk, joke, smoke, soak, poke, yoke, spoke woke. If I concentrate really hard, I can look like other things. I spent a decade once looking like a maroon capybara, and a really unpleasant afternoon as a fuzzy red wallaby.”
“If you aren’t entirely a hallucination, just who or what are you?”
“I’m Justarius, Justarius am I. I am the places in-between, I mean I watch the places in-between, or I was the places in-between, or maybe the places in-between are me or watch me or I watch them or someone watches me to maintain the places in-between. I think that those may all be true, but I have some small difficulties working in the terms of things that exist. I don’t really exist you know.”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know. Can I borrow your mind for a moment? Oops sorry, I accidentally did it. I don’t think that I mean anything that has meaning in your framework. Did you know that you don’t have a word that means the feeling that you get when the world shifts ninety degrees from its previous causality strand to wander off in a new direction? And what’s even weirder is that your kind of people don’t even notice it when it happens.”
“Okay. I’m still not sure what you are, but can I ask you a question?”
“You just did. The answer is probably yes, unless you change your question, but be careful, you might not want your question answered before you have done what you are here to do. Oh, nope, keep your old question, it is an important one, the one that caused us to meet.”
“How can a question I haven’t asked yet have caused an event in the past?”
Justarius gaped at me for a moment. “Wow, you ask the neatest questions. That’s not the one at all. Maybe Mikasi sent you to ask a question rather than to hide something. You forget that you are Between places. Causality doesn’t work here at all the way it does on Prime. Be careful in the flipside too. Causality doesn’t always apply there either.”
“Okay, I think I understand. Thank you for the warning. I don’t think you ever answered my question though. What are you?”
“Well, in your terms, I might be the Guardian of the Between. Think of me as a five dimensional being. I am not really bound to much of anything that you are thinking of as reality. My mind, such as it is, comes and goes from this fragment of myself. I wander around the between making sure that the various Places that aren’t between remain themselves. There is a little leakage between places, but I do my job well. Do you do my job well? I like my job, it is fun. Sometimes the places flitter around like butterflies and I get to chase them around and bring them back where they need to be. You were using a spell to go from one place to another and the spell quit while you weren’t in any of the places that are between them. So now instead of being between places, you are in the place Between.”
“I think I am following you. Is there any way you could help me not be Between anymore? I need to find Pallas for Mikasi.”
He started jumping up and down, “That” hop hop “was the” hop bounce hop “QUESTION!!!” Bounce Bounce. “Of course I can. But before you go, could you do me a favor?”
“Sure, if I can.”
He extended a paw containing a clothes pin. “Could you put this on Mikasi’s nose when you see him next? Last time I was there he stuck this in my fur where my arms won’t reach. I had a horrible time taking it off.”
“That sounds awful”
“Not really. I had just switched the front of his house with the back of his house. I sort of deserved it.”
I took the clip, “I’ll try to do it when I see him again. Want me to wish him well for you?”
“Yes, if you could. Now we should let you go. One. Two. Three. Go!” Nothing happened. He stood there looking at me while I became more and more nervous at the prospect of being stuck here forever. “Oh, wait. I have to do this.” He reached out and touched my forehead. The world faded again.

Well, let's see what happens.

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