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Yep, I finally had an idea of something to write about. Movies.
I've only seen one movie recently, Hellboy. Now during the previews for Hellboy, there was an ad for I, Robot. Somebody needs to be kicked in the nads. I, Robot could be a wonderful movie with a spectacular Luddite theme, but the fact that it picked up Asimov's name then decided to ignore the most important aspects of his writing makes me want to cry. There are two scenes where there appears to be a general robot revolt! Gah, this is as bad as the farce that was Starship Troopers. I really wish that if these writers/directors wanted to make science fiction movies that told their own stories that they would quit suborning the names of other people's stories.
I remember hearing that the director of Starship Trooper decided to make the mobile infantry into cannon fodder because "the whole powered armor thing is overdone." What a fucking laugh. The whole powered armor thing is over done because of that book! The MI were special, the elite of the elite of the Terran forces specifically because they were mobile, specialists with the single most complicated piece of military hardware ever, and each individually more powerful than a tank and probably than a batallion of tanks. So the MI in the movie? Yeah, they get machine guns, rocket launchers, and helmets that aren't particularly improved over the ones we have today.
The same deal with I, Robot. It looks like some asswipe decided to take Asimov's vision of the future and reinterpret it through technophobic glasses. The whole point of the I, Robot stories was that while technology has dangers and unpredictable concequecnes, with proper use it can be a good thing. There are a few stories where one single robot has a messed up brain and doesn't follow (or at least doesn't seem to follow) the three laws, but none of them are the menace that this movie appears to be painting all of the robots to be. This seems more like a Bublegum Crisis movie with the Boomers going amok than an asimov story where people are confronted with unusual situations due to different interpretations of how robots (or the universe in general) works. It looks like we get an action film based off of a set of works that is primarily cerebral.
Still haven't seen Kill Bill or Punisher yet. Need to get to a decent theater for that.

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