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More chickeny goodness.

Well, it looks like I'll be making dinner again tonight. Mom bought a chicken last night and asked me if I could make my baked asparagus and chicken today. I know that I should be making new dishes if I ever hope to finish my damned cookbook, but hey, the supplies were free and she asked nicely. maybe I can come up with something to go with it that is new (though the need for a side dish when I just prepared a casserole dish full of chicken and potatoes is questionable).
I'll have the cookbook version of the recipe up tonight (or if someone asks before then, I'll try to post it so you can have it for dinner tonight too.)
I stuff the chicken with asparagus, but all sorts of other vegetables will work. I wouldn't put potatoes in it if you also put potatoes around it. The best things to use are vegetables that are usually difficult to bake without them drying out, since the inside of the chicken keeps them moist and cooler. I bet it would be really good with roma tomatoes and maybe some chopped bell peppers (though I would just eat the bird in that case.) Other things to try are broccoflower and caulflower. Broccoli might work too, but I hesitate to experiment.
Probably no bananas in the chicken. That just sounds nasty.
Stuffed baked chicken makes a wonderful single pan meal for those days when you aren't going anywhere, but don't really have enough free time to cook dinner.

Speaking of asparagus, the plants in the back yard are starting to pop up. One plant still doesn't have any shoots, and one only have 1, but the one on the right has litlte shoots all over the place, I counted 8, though there could be more. I'll give them a few more days and then start harvesting them. Got to remember to leave a coupleof stalks on each plant though. Asparagus is one of the only plants happy in the back yard or swamp as I like to call it. We should get some of the mesic relatives of blackberries and plant them along the back fence.
Anybody have some suggestions for neat wetlands plants (decorative or food?)

challange presented,
the warriors stomp and boast
words, clashing ideas
point and counterpoint sweep by
fighting soon fades, no victor

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