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So you want to be a Hero?

Since yesterday, I've decided to look for a rom of super mario brothers. I headed over to cherryroms (where I happen to have an account) and found out that they were not what I was thinking of. They are only SNES, and being fairly public, they don't have any roms that the IDSA have under their protection, so I can't grab it as super mario all stars. Guess that wouldn't be legal anyway. But when I logged on, I ran across something that may be of interest to some of you. They had a news post about the Elder Scrolls games. It seems that right now is their 10th aniversery and to celebrate, they posted the first game on their site. As important as that, they have a link to a dos emulator! I don't know if it is any good, but if the game company liked it enough to link it with one of their games, it is good enough for me. For both of you who might be interested, The Game
I'll let everyone know how well the emulator works when I've transfered it to my computer. Oh yeah! If this works, I'll be able to play all of my favorite sb16 games again. I can even complete the QG series!!! No more ultra hyper fast combat for my budding warrior mage (who should have also had the paladin skills, but the game was poopy about that.) And if Matt still has it, I can play KQ6 with sound and video again. King's Quest 6 is one of my all time top 5 games. Hell, I liked it so much that I even liked the steaming pile of runny dog crap end song, Girl in the Tower.

If this piece of software works, that will just be the beginning. I have such a massive backlog of dos and w95 games that require a sb 16. I can also play gapper again as long as this controlls the speed as well.

I am occasionally glad that I don't have a gaming group here. I have been getting the itch to play pencil and paper again, and while I would be happy to play a regular game, If I had a party, I'd be tempted to run something, and right now, if I run something it will be some sort of angles and deamons game, and if I run some sort of angles and deamons game, I'm not using the In Nomine rules, and if I don't use the In Nomine rules, I have to make my own, and if I have to make my own, I'm not using the BESM rules (too limited) so I'd probably end up using FUZION, and well, if I use FUZION, I'd have to do a lot of work, both searching for modular rule sets that match my vision and writing new rule sets to make me happy. That's a lot of work. Maybe I'd be better off running something else. Oh, wait, moot point. No gaming group locally. Though an Immortal game would be sort of cool. I've even got a scenario set up for that one. Battletech/Mechwarrior could be neat, though I only have the main book for each rule set. So, anyone want to run something messageboard style?

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