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Good morning

So, I'm sorry I was rushed last night. I've been thinking about the live journal a little and I'm afraid that I've begun to have, as a friend of mine put it, "too many LJ entries that are like 'I woke up and got breakfast okay bye!' "
Part of it is that I've been posting at times that weren't really conducive to the efort required to make the mundane interesting, much less the effort to spin a proper tale from the threads of truth and fancy. I really shouldn't be posting about my life unless something more interesting that walking to the store happens, though the garden store from later this afternoon is fair game. Instead, I think I'll start making things up. If you aren't sure which stories are which, then I'm doing my job properly. Not going to start today though, I need some time to get my mind back in the mode of crafting proper lies.
Last night I did something I haven't done since I came back from Oregon. I bought a baguette and good bagles form the bakery. When iwas in the dorms, I always had fresh bread on hand, but since mom is footing most of the food bills now, we get things more in line whith how she shops (a lot more frozen vegetables, a lot less fresh. Oh well, it is a lot cheaper to buy them frozen. But back to the baguette. Well, this morning for breakfast I heated up the oven and threw it in. Almost as good as a fresh one. It has been far too long since I've had hot bakery-stile bread. I've made a few loafs of my own, but most of them have been experimental at best and inedible at worst. There are very few tings in life that compare favorably with hot fresh bread.
I should go outside and figure out where I want to plant the two new bushes I bought. Mom suggested planting one of them where an old rosebush is now, and I'll take a look at that, though I may plant it near the rose instead. The blueberry is a different story. No idea where to put it yet. We do have one raised region in the back yard, but I have other plans for it. Maybe I could mow Brie's Island and plant it as the centerpiece of a new garden there. That's not a bad idea.We aren't a perfect climate for it, but I could do some artichokes and the blueberry, or something. Ooh! Paw Paws! Maybe not, they take too long to mature. Actually, it would be cool to plant some nice sweet red grapes back there, but that is a project and a half. Not only would I have to buy vines, but I'd need to build grape trellaces, and my construction from "raw" materials skills are minimal. I can assemble someone elses parts, but give me a dozen two by fours, a tape measure, marking equipment, levels, saws, nails hammers, drills and all, and I'll have you a piece of abstract art before you can say "How the hell is that supposed to be a sandbox frame?"
Well, take care and I'll catch you later.
Still no sopapillias. I'll get to it soonish Nessie.

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