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Another day another planting

So, today was fairly mundane. I did get mom to bring me out to Sam Goody's where I intended to buy the first issue of Ken Akamatsu's A.I. Love You. They didn't have it. Saw a cute gamer chick in an outfit that was sort of a combination of punk and goth. Was about to go talk to her when I realized that not only was she reading a vampire book (not fatal in and of itself, some of my best friends play WW games) but she was probably a student at the local highschool since this is most definately not a college town. Yeah, paint me scary old gamer freak. No offence to the younger readers out there, but keep in mind, I've been gaming possibly longer then she's been alive, and almost definately longer than she's been literate. And even though Heinlein is one of my heroes, I really don't have a thing for sixteen year old girls. On the other hand it disproves my thesis that there are no gamers in this town. I am holding on to my thesis that there are no gamers in this town around my age. Oh for outsiders, there are not enough gamers here to support a gaming shop, as evidenced by the three or four that have gone under since 5th grade.

After Sam Goody, I went down to a farm supply store to look for something to protect our wild dogwood that Padfoot's chain is slowly killing. They didn't have it but they had packages of Artichoke and brocciflower seeds. I bought the artichokes. Whoot. There are eleven seeds in the package and it says that they are perrenials!
Went to Lowes after that in my search for tree stuff. They had good plant materials at prices reflective of their quality and the quantity at which the chain buys them. (This means expensive for walmart, cheap for the quality.) I almost walked out poor but owning all sorts of neat plants. I actually only bought a bag of peat moss humus and a seed sprouting tray. I told mom about the broccoflower seeds and almost immediately we were back at the farm store and mom was buying them. Tomorrow she is going to get some seed starting soil. It is different from potting or top soil. Really. I'd recycle the stuff I'm sprouting the sunflowers in but they won't be ready for transplanting for at least two more days.
If all goes well, the various plants I'm growing for mom will take over the yard and next year no one will have to mow. And I can steal artichokes when I visit.
We were looking at the paper/silver maple in the front yard and complaining about how expensive it would be to get rid of. 400 bucks just to get it cut down without dropping it on the house. More to relandscape the front yard. I'm in favor of either an Acer saccharum or a pair of Malus sp. (apples) as well as some lower growing trees. It would be a pain to keep the others alive with the dogs in the yard, but it would be worth it.
During last week's freak snow storm a fairly signifigant limb came out of the tree. If it had been 30 percent larger, it would have been a threat to the house. People, never plant soft maples! Only plant hard ones (like A. saccharum ) or ones that don't get big ( A. palmatum or A. circinatum )

I used the peat humus to plant the blueberries on the island. I checked, the whole thing is clay. Icky.
I'm probably only making this one post tonight.

Oh, extra points for anyone who can seperate truth from fantasy in the above entry (and I'm hoping no one gets them, 'cause I mixed them up real good.) Extra points can be exchanged in person at the counter for fabulous prizes, and for a 30% mark up they can be redeemed via electronic communication.

Anybody got a copy of Colonial Diplomacy they want to part with on the cheap? There are none on e-bay!

my dog at my feet
a break from constant romping
moment of stillness
merest whisper can disturb
this moment of utter rest

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