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So, here in Michael land, all sorts of stuff is happening. Not that it is of any particular interest to anyone except for the above mentioned Michael, but hey, who am I writing this for, if not me?

I got a check in the mail today. Dad had sent me some money to help decrease my debit to Oregon State University, but it took forever in arriving. That was alright since mom was able to loan me the money, but it isn't exactly like she can afford to spend any extra cash right now, so when my check for helping John and Deidre M. move came in, I gave part of it to her, and getting the check from dad means that I actually have money again.
I went for a walk, intending to go to the bank and a few other places. I had a little cash on me still, so I stopped at a local indoor flea market type thingy. I love looking around places like that because they are just about the only places to get some of the toys and gadgets I'm looking for. No Atari 2600 or neat old fantasy themed board games this time, but I got a 500 ml pyrex flask and a copy of X-men Children of the Atom for my Saturn. Yay! Not the Saturn Game I want most, but it is my favorite fighter for that system.
I walked down the street and decided to check the dollar general store. That's where I bought those sounflower seeds a while ago, and I was hoping that they would have a watering can to replace my defective one. No such luck, but I did buy the Samurai Jack movie.
Total spent: $11.10.
Got to the bank, cashed my check and headed for the last stop for the day.
I'd been to the grocerie store this morning while I was out on a walk, and they had just recieved their major shipment of garden plants. Before today they'd only had a few types on hand, and I figured that at a buck thirty five a tray, I could wait and see what they cost at Walmart. Well, I saw them and decided that I didn't want to wait till next time I was at walmart to get plants, so on my way home from the bank, I stopped by, and magically the prices had gone up to $1.95 a pot. I'm waiting for Walmart now.
Unless the brothers McClure call, I'm probably not going to see either of today's new movies yet. I don't want to watch them at the local crappy theater. Ooh, such a hard decision. Kill Bill 2 or Punisher.
*sighs* Oh well, that is a question for other days.
Later this evening, I'll be posting a sopapillia recipe, I think. Ooh, fried pastry with cinnamon sugar and or honey (or other things.)
Take care.
Damn Forgot another coke.

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