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Good... Morning

I am not sure that posting in the morning is a great idea. I mean, what is the point of saying something if it isn't interesting, and what are the odds that something interesting will have happened in the time between my last post yesterday and now? I mean, most of that time was spent asleep.
Oh, I guess there was actually something. Mom came in late last night with a book I'd ordered from ILL. I'm already 100 pages into The Big U and I started this morning. This may be the only good thing about living in a small town. The librarian let my mom check out a book I requested via ILL for me even though our last names are not the same at all. Small libraries are great, except for the whole not actually having books problem. Mine has a "strict" policy of not letting someone who left their card at home check out more than one book. I've seen it enforced repeatedly. Well, the other day I walked up to the desk with a stack of books (about half and half fiction/non-fiction, about 75% of which I intended to read all the way through.) ploped them on the desk and pulled out my wallet. No card. I started telling the librarian this and she said, "That's okay, we know who you are." The benefits of having checked out in excess of 250 books since I got back from Oregon.

Oh SHIT! The coke in the freezer!
*scurries off*
Well, it didn't explode at least.
I saw this this morning, and chorteled. Girls Holding Controllers

It refers to this. Girls actually holding controllers.

Hey, the girls reading this who fit in the targe demographic of the first post (you know, girls who play video games) do something about it.

Gah, I had to fix that second link twice before it looked right. My html skills are not what they used to be.

Yeah, 3 times.

4th time's a charm. I actually reposted the entry instead of fixing it. I'm so glad I took a look at it when I was done.

I seriously swear that this thing is respawining. I know for a fact that I killed the various messed up copies of this entry, but I came back just now, and there was another (and it was of an early vintage.) Guess this makes 5.

This would be edit number 6. Yeah, posting in the morning was a bad idea. Thanks 'Teena

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