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Well, the mexican food will have to wait.

Mom and I (and fred the destroyer) went to walmart this evening. My goal was to get some new shoes and some vegetable plants. The vegetables were more expensive than at the local grocerie store. So I bought the shoes, but I also bought blueberry and raspberry bushes. Tomorrow I'll hydrate properly then walk down to the nearest garden store (about 3 miles off.) No great desire to pass out and go into spasims because of dehydration and heat.
Oh I also bought snow peas and snopw pea seeds. We'll see if I can get them to root as well.

Not a lot tonight (it is after one after all. Sorry about the sopapillas, no time to hunt down my recipe tonight. I'll get it tomorrow.

brightly shining sun
too much hair a top my head
the barber soon calls
clip clip, the scissors tell me
my burden lessened for now

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