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A night out.

The brothers McClure and I went down to Clarksville this evening. We'd all just recieved checks for some work we did a while ago, though I hadn't cashed mine yet. It is probably for the best really. We went to a pair of Gamestops, an Electronic Botique, and a Suncoast, and well, I am not sure that I would have left having any money after that. I haven't bought any anime or Manga in a long long while, not to mention computer games, of which there are quite a few I want. Oh, and there are these Shadow Run figures by Hero Clicks that were on sale for 5 bucks each that would probably have made it home with me if I'd had the cash. We stopped at Logan's Road House and had us some good steak, the first I've had in a while. I eat a lot less beef than I used to. *chuckles* Dad always told me that would happen. It is harder to get really good beef dishes than it is to get really good chicken dishes, too much flavor overwhelming the seasoning. I was going to borrow ten bucks from the Oldest brother McClure to buy Megatokyo 2 from Darkhorse, but the Younger brother McClure held out his hand while I was looking at it and I automatically handed it to him, and since he had cash, he bought it. I would have complained, except I was going to haveto borrow money to afford it, so I decided I'd just wait.

We got to be total dorks. I love doing that. It isn't that I'm not a total dork when I am alone at home, it is just that it isn't as fun to be a dork by yourself. We didn't get too exuberant about it, so there was no great bothering of the normals, even at the resturaunt. We even toned some of it down for the sake of some youngsters at the table behind us. I didn't even sing the Vagina Dentata song when we were talking about bad things to get stuck in your head.
So We got home at about 9:40 local time, and mom was checking her e-mail. I went off to play Zelda on my box for a while. My brother was watching tv (still, again, always, whatever) so we had the door to our room shut, and mom ended up going to bed before I had a chance to come in and check my e-mail and post this. Oh well.

Rainy days again
a forest awash in green
a midwestern spring
the rebirth of the landscape
memories of western home

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