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Er, the green grass ain't growing all around and around now suckah

Just mowed the lawn. I remember how long it used to take when I was younger. I used to completely hate mowing the lawn. It is kind of neat being physically an adult and being able to do things like mow the lawn easily and get the thing to start on the first try (right after mom was talking about how hard it is to start.) There are some compensations for no longer being 12.
I do sort of still hate mowing the lawn still, but not becauise of the effort. I've always detested suburban lawns. Quarter acre monocultures of some overbread strain of perfect grass, not a weed or non-grass plant to be seen. Well I'll admit that our yard isn't like that, and in the back there are some places that never get mowed between our neighbors' privacy fences and our (failed) keep the gods in the yard 8 foot cage fences, and I leave some patches alone (like in the shadow of the house where it isn't grass anyway, and along the back where the garden used to be and now there is the Strohl Family (Yeah, everyone else in the family is named Strohl, poor saps) Unofficial small wildlife refuge (I think it looks neat, but I bet our neighbors disagree.) Oh there is also the island in the pit that never gets mowed. Beasty poo wanted to dig a pond there. After leaving piles of dirt around the yard and not being willing to have someone else direct her, mom told her no, so now we have the Island. (Following material cut because one of her best friends reads this.) We mow less than the neighbors, and with the various parts that get left alone we have more critters who make their home in our yard than is usual. (In 20 or 30 years, unless the next owner of the house kills them, there'll be a decent little forest back there. We have some catalpas and mulberrys as well as a nice oak tree (fifteen years old or so. Finally getting to be a shade tree.) There are maples just waiting for someone not to mow them for a few years as well as an alder or something like that. There's also some hollies that are having baby hollies in front. When this suburb finally gives up, our yard (and our neighbor's) will form one of the nucli of the forest that will replace it (unless someone pavees the whole thing.) Hanover is going to be a neat place in 3-400 years if something doesn't happen to screw things up.
Still no Asparagus. I'm thinking they are an early spring plant, but mom is not so sure. They are mortal plants, so they may have just died of old age (and they were wild so we aren't certian how old they are anyway)
Managed to spare a lot of flowers. Not as many as I would have liked, but there is still some color in the yard. (I am a heavily selective force for short flowering dandylions.) I love the fact that paches of lawn are being replaced with low growing flowering plants. Especially the wild ones. (Well, actually the little purple multiples sphereshaped flowers out near the watermain aren't wild, but we didn't plant them, and they look like grass when they aren't flowering. If they'd take over there would be no more mowing ever.

Pinus contortia
A tower in the mountians
a man by the beach
A gooey cone grabs my hand
where'd I put the turpentine?

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